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The foundation for a dancer, positions of classic ballet, turn out, grace, and classroom etiquette are taught. Exercises at the barre, center floor, and musicality all incorporated in variations of the classic Russian, Ceccheecti, Balanchine, and Vaganova styles. Dancers taking level III or IV should attend class both days per week-Options for more advanced levels include Pointe work and variations from ballet classics.

Dress Code:  Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, dance bag, and water bottle with a lid. 


Also called breaking or B-Boying/ B-Girling, mainly consisting of four kinds of movement: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.

Dress Code: Any comfy and athletic clothes (No jeans!), cleans tennis shoes, water bottle with a lid.



A DANCE COMBO class is a one hour weekly class that includes basic ballet movement, creative movement, tumbling/animal walks,,skips, hops, jumps,leaps, and the LAST 15-20 minutes Tap dancing. All of this is set to a super kid friendly mix of music and a teacher that LOVES young dancers! We have an annual performance in June.

Dress code: Back or pink leotard, tights are optional, unitards are welcomed, all shoes required for your class (ballet, tap shoes) a dance bag, water bottle with a lid.



The latest trend in dance a mix of modern, post modern, yoga, ballet, capoeria, hip hop, and much more.  An infusion of cross cultural and artistic expressions finding NEW ways of connecting and communicating.  For the dancers who are ready for more level III-up.

Dress code: Leotard with shorts, OR sports bra with shirt and leggings/ shorts, socks or half sole shoes (each teacher may have a preference), dance bag, water bottle with a lid.

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Bring it! Warm up and groove into the downbeat. Feel the flow and freedom of R&B, Hip Hop, and Old School. This class is relaxed but challenging and brings out individual style.

Dress code: Comfy athletic wear (No jeans!), clean tennis shoes, water bottle with a lid.



Contemporary and upbeat, this class will help create flexibility, strength, and agility. A jazz technique class would incorporate turns, leaps, kicks etc. and focus on clarity of lines.

Dress code: Leotard and leggings/shorts, OR sports bra and leggings/ shorts. (no baggy clothes), jazz shoes, dance bag, water bottle with a lid.



Drumming with your feet!  It’s fun, challenging, and very hip! We offer beginning through advanced classes for all ages.

Dress code: Comfy athletic wear, tap shoes, water bottle with a lid.



This class focuses on rolls, headstands, handstands, backbends, cartwheels, walkovers, aeriels, backhand springs and partner work for acrobatic movement in dance. 

Dress code: Leotard and booty shorts, OR unitards (no baggy clothes), water bottle with a lid.

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